How Do You Wear Winter Gloves With An Engagement Ring

The engagement ring is something you will never be able to take off. You might wonder how to wear engagement rings with gloves if it’s cold outside. If you want to keep your gorgeous ring on, keeping your fingers warm should be your priority, but you can do both.

During the deep freeze in January, I turned to my friend Sara, who got engaged in the same month. Despite wanting to show off her ring all over town, she was not excited about the idea of not wearing gloves in 11-degree weather. Looking for solutions, she combed through message boards on the web.

As Sara told me, you must think about the effect of cold weather on your fingers before you can rock an engagement with ring gloves. Despite the cold weather, my girl used a cushion solution to reduce her ring size without changing the band directly. The Glamour article explains that “cold weather makes your fingers contract, which results in a loose engagement ring.” Finding a way to fit your engagement ring without resizing the band is ideal since your fingers will expand in the summer.

Her Top Three Suggestions for Gloves and Rings are as Follows

Flip The Ring

If you turn the ring gem sideways onto your palm, you can usually slip any size glove over the top. You will not lose the ring if you remove the glove.


Your ring should be able to fit on the inside of your mitts due to the extra space.

Stretch Gloves

You might think this is self-explanatory, but buying a pair of stretchy gloves is another way never to remove your jewelry.

The prongs of your ring can loosen over time if you snag them on your gloves. The prongs on your ring may allow it to catch easily, so it’s best to avoid wearing too-tight gloves during the winter or investing in a looser pair of mittens. Over time, your prongs may loosen, putting your stones at risk.

Loosely fitting rings can easily slide off when gloves have been removed. Our fingers contract and shrink in cold weather, so a call may not work as snugly as it once did. When taking off your winter gloves, you must be extra careful. Take your ring to the jeweler if it feels too loose in general.

Loose Prongs Gather Fibers

Even though a jeweler can clean lint in your ring, its accumulation over time should be monitored. It might be time to swap gloves or remove your call if your gloves keep sticking to your ring.

Wearing Gloves During the Winter Can Damage Your Rings

Wrapping up makes sense when the weather turns cold, but jewelry can easily get lost. Winter’s long sleeves and gloves can lead to tangled necklaces and lost rings. Managing these jewelry items can be challenging despite looking good all winter. However, there are ways to wear rings while wearing gloves without interfering with keeping your hands warm.

Rings shouldn’t be left on all the time. Your engagement ring can grow bacteria and other germs if you wear it all the time, and if it is not removed during potentially dangerous events, your crew may be lost permanently. Some everyday tasks can damage rings, after all. While washing dishes, your call can fall down the sink and taking out the trash can result in it being lost in the garbage or infested with germs. One of the biggest mistakes people make with their wedding rings is failing to remove them for tasks like these.

Winter, however, is something else altogether. To protect your rings from getting damaged by your gloves during winter, there are only a few things you can do.

Take Care When Traveling

Winter is a busy time for travel in the United States because of the holidays and spring break. If you’re flying, you should wear or keep your diamond engagement ring in your carry-on bag or purse.

Thus, your ring is always with you. If you don’t want to wear your ring, keep it in your hotel room safe. Due to tourists’ unfamiliarity with their surroundings, pickpockets and other thieves prefer to target them.

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When traveling, be aware of your surroundings at all times. It is possible to turn the stone to be tucked underneath your hand if your engagement ring has a large diamond. You won’t attract attention when you’re out and about that way.

If you have not yet proposed, we recommend hiding the ring in a watch box while you travel. This will prevent the surprise from being spoilt. Don’t carry the diamond ring in your pocket when you fly since the metal detectors will detect it. Tuck the ring into your carry-on bag and keep it nearby.

Take off Winter Gloves Mindfully

Winter gloves should be taken off and put on with care. Your glove’s inside may catch on your ring prongs, depending on its fabric. A loose diamond could result from this. You shouldn’t have a problem removing your winter gloves as long as you do so carefully.

Paul Medawar Fine Jewelry should be consulted if the prongs have been worn as soon as possible. If you need loose stones tightened or prongs re-tipped, we’d be more than happy to help. You’ll be able to show off your new engagement ring to friends and family.

Prepare for Cold Weather

A diamond engagement ring that does not fit appropriately will shrink your fingers in cold weather. It is, therefore, more likely that your call will slip off in the summer than in the winter. When your ring is easily twisted around your finger, you may want to have us add a sizing bump.

Professionally Clean Your Ring

Professional cleaning and inspection of your engagement ring are recommended at least once every six months. Visit Paul Medawar Fine Jewelry when you plan to travel to ensure your diamond engagement ring looks just as stunning as the day your partner proposed. After your travels, we’d be happy to clean and inspect your call if it’s more convenient.

We’ll treat your engagement ring with the utmost care and respect because they’re precious to you. Our specialized jewelry team will clean your engagement ring, restoring its shine and brilliance. In addition, they’ll check your call for loose stones, bent prongs, and other indications of wear. Any problems we find will be promptly repaired so your ring can return to its rightful place.

Call Paul Medawar Fine Jewelry

Since we answer all questions you may have, you will never feel rushed into buying something you don’t love. You can find diamond engagement rings in our jewelry stores in Grand Rapids.

Maintain a Clean Engagement Ring

Cleaning it regularly should be your priority during the winter. You apply a lot of lotions to your skin because it dries out and sheds faster. This reduces the luster of diamonds. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you don’t do it above the drain. Instead, place it on top of a towel to ensure it’s safe if you drop it.

Please Keep it in A Safe Environment at all Times

Keep it in a special pouch, box, or dish if you have to remove it. Travelers can also tie it around their necks with a golden string. It is essential to keep your ring safe during winter.

Diamonds Aren’t All That Resistant

If your ring keeps getting stuck to sweaters, scarves, or soft gloves, see if your jeweler can do anything about it or at least check that everything is still in place. The same applies when you hit it during furniture movements or if your finger gets stuck or hits a hard surface.

If you’re going to the specialist, get an excellent clean from them. Keeping your engagement ring safe during the winter In the winter, your engagement ring may get lost in three key places. Pay attention to these things:


The glove interiors can snag your ring prongs if you wear them in the elements. Therefore, you could lose the new ring if you wear it in detail. When removing gloves, be aware of your surroundings.

Cold Temperatures

You can lose your ring more quickly when it gets cold outside because your fingers shrink as the weather cools down. Even if it’s just for the winter months, have a jeweler add a sizing bump if your ring fits smoothly around your finger.


Sports such as skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and indoor exercise may cause your jewelry to chip, break, or become lost. Remove your jewelry whenever you’re the most active.


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