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Winter is approaching, and if you have a baby, you know that keeping them warm can be challenging. Although it’s tempting to just bundle up your little one in blankets, this makes the baby uncomfortable and can cause overheating. Instead, try a pair of winter gloves for babies.

Gloves are great for keeping your little one’s hands warm without overheating them. They’re also great for helping your little one develop their motor skills as they learn how to use their hands while they play with toys and interact with others.

Look no further if you’re looking for the best winter baby gloves. We offer high-quality winter gloves that are perfect for all weather conditions. You’ll find gloves with warm fleece lining and soft fabrics that keep your baby’s fingers nice and cozy while they play on cold days or outside during the colder months. Our gloves will keep your baby’s hands comfortable while helping them develop essential motor skills early!

There are special gloves that are designed to solve this problem. These gloves protect your child’s little fingers from getting injured by the needle so that they do not hurt themselves. Because of this, I have compiled a list of the top ten best winter gloves for babies.

10 Best Winter Gloves for Babies





Hotop Thick Fleece Lined Warm Toddler Baby Winter Mittens
  • Size: 6 Months – 4 Years
  • Color: Black, Pink
  • Material: Fleece Polyester, Webbing, and Alloy
  • Style: Mitten
RATIVE Newborn Baby Cotton Gloves for Boys and Girls
  • Size: 0 – 6 Months
  • Color: White
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Style: Mitten
Zutano Fleece Thumbless Outdoor Winter Mittens for Babies
  • Size: 0 – 6 Months
  • Color: Navy
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Style: Mitten
Zelda Matilda Children Toddlers Infant and Baby Mittens
  • Size: 6 Months – 2 Years
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Taslan
  • Style: Mitten
Nuby Soothing Teething Mitten with Hygienic Travel Bag
  • Size: 3.2 x 0.8 x 4 inches
  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Silicone
  • Style: Mitten
Geyoga Infant Toddler Gloves for Newborn Baby Boys and Girls
  • Size: 0 – 6 Months
  • Color: Multi-Color
  • Material: Solid
  • Style: Mitten
Reyow Adjustable Infant Gloves for Newborn Baby Boys and Girls
  • Size: 0 – 12 Months
  • Color: Navy
  • Material: Cotton
  • Style: Mitten
Hudson Baby Infant Girl Cotton Headband and Scratch Mitten Set
  • Size: 0 – 6 Months
  • Color: Pink Floral
  • Material: 92% Cotton, 8% Spandex
  • Style: Mitten
Gerber Baby Boys Cap and Mitten Sets for Winter
  • Size: Newborn – 3 Months
  • Color: Blue Fox
  • Material: 93% Cotton, 7% Rayon
  • Style: Mitten
N'Ice Caps Sherpa Lined Fleece Hat Mitten Winter Set for Boys and Girls
  • Size: 12 – 18 Months
  • Color: Light Purple
  • Material: Polarfleece
  • Style: Mitten

1. Hotop Thick Fleece Lined Warm Toddler Baby Winter Mittens

2 Pairs Toddler Baby Winter Mittens come with strings and clips as standard. In addition to their two colors, gloves have a hook, its most important feature. The small item can be attached to the cuff of your child’s coat with that item. In addition, the gloves can be adjusted to fit your child’s hand size.

Baby mittens for 3-6 months are made with soft fleece and come with an adjustable strap in case they fall off. It is secured on the baby’s hand with an elastic waistband attached to the mitten. The baby’s likelihood of losing a new item is significantly reduced when multiple layers exist.

Key Specification

A toddler baby winter mitten is made of fleece polyester, designed with elastic in the wrist area, and attached with hook and loop fasteners for a snug fit while preventing cold air from entering.

  • Polyester fleece toddler baby winter mittens with elastic wrists. 
  • With hook and loop fasteners, cold air cannot enter
  • Double woven polyester glove clips measure approximately 2 “. 
  • Additionally, it can be used to prevent kids from losing their mittens
  • You can adjust it on several levels
  • With clips, you can avoid the loss
  • Soft fleece fabric
  • Using thumbholes as a game
  • Older babies will love this gift
  • Thumbholes are missing in some places
  • Newborns cannot wear it

2. Rative Newborn Baby Cotton Gloves for Boys and Girls

These gloves are a must-have accessory for new babies who tend to scratch their faces. Made from soft cotton, they are secured with a gentle elastic band that provides comfort to the wearer. This group has nine little gloves, which give you a few extras in case you lose one.

You will unlikely use these for more than a month or two, as the face scratching generally stops after a few months. These gender-neutral socks are available in both boys’ and girls’ sizes due to their gender-neutral designs and colors. This cozy pair of socks are made from a soft, machine washable fabric and is also dryer friendly. These gloves will be a great first pair for your little face scratcher.

The reason why babies scratch their faces is that they are unable to control their hands. It avoids injuries to your child’s skin and eyes, and it is essential to protect them beforehand from the sharp nails on his hands and feet. This mitten kit comes in white, blue, and bright colors. There are also adorable kits with gathered wrists in contrasting colors that may interest you.

Whether you are shopping for a baby shower gift or a gift for your child, organic baby mittens are a perfect choice. Machine washing is more convenient than washing bags! If you want simple, affordable baby items, opt for this mittens kit with 12 pairs. No matter the child’s gender, this is always a great choice.

Key Specification

Especially for babies who scratch their faces, these gloves are a must-have. An elastic band adds a touch of comfort to the soft cotton garment. A few extra gloves are included in this group in case you lose one.

  • A 100% cotton shirt
  • Closure with a pull tab
  • The machine washes
  • Mittens for newborns 0-6 months with room for fingers and hands
  • Protects the baby from self-scratching with 100% cotton
  • The product is suitable for babies between 0 and 6 months.
  • A skin-friendly formula.
  • It will appeal to both boys and girls.
  • The fabric is natural and soft.
  • Elastic holds them in place.
  • A group of people
  • Textiles that are not organic
  • They stain easily

3. Zutano Fleece Thumbless Outdoor Winter Mittens for Babies

To make gloves easier to find, it is essential to provide them with loss-prevention features. A string is attached to the wrists of Zutano Fleece gloves so they can be attached to the hands.

You can thread the baby’s gloves through his coat sleeve when the baby loses their gloves – which will eventually happen – so they won’t be lost forever.

These are an attractive pink color with an elastic band that keeps them in place. For infants, Zutano gloves are made of cozy fleece without thumb holes. If you need baby mittens in boy colors, Zutano offers them in other colors. Infants can use them under six months due to their small size.

Your baby will be fascinated with the tag on these gloves once she learns how to control her paws. The gloves protect her hands, but she can also chew on the label. It’s sewn inconveniently.

Key Specification

Zutano creates the most stunning and functional baby clothing and accessories in the industry. We source the softest fabrics and most durable components to bring you the best in everyday playwear.

  • A 100% cotton shirt.
  • Originally from abroad.
  • Washable by machine.
  • Warmth is provided by a cotton lining inside the fleece lining.
  • Newborns, infants, and babies can quickly wear it.
  • Feather-like fabric made from soft fleece
  • Elastic bands secure wristbands
  • Prevent loss by taking all reasonable steps
  • The thumb hole is absent
  • The only size for a newborn

4. Zelda Matilda Children Toddlers Infant and Baby Mittens

Both dads feel the baby must wear mittens when playing with the baby. A baby can stay warm wearing Zelda Matilda baby gloves during snow party time with friends.

The idea that waterproof fabric could be lined with Thinsulate never occurred to us. We first thought about why many manufacturers failed to make these to use during the winter. The snow was kept at bay thanks to their long elastic cuffs and long collars.

There are several reasons why these gloves are fantastic. In addition, hook-and-loop closures make them easy to keep in place. The thick and warm material also makes them easy to wear. Furthermore, not only did we clip them together, we were also able to prevent them from being lost in the closet.

Key Specification

Zelda Matilda’s warmest pair of mittens. Winter play can be taken on with these high-quality mittens! Snow fights, skiing, snowboarding! It’s perfect for everyday wear!

  • Mastering movement, balance, and coordination
  • Gross- and fine-motor skills remain strong.
  • A baby’s ability to use large muscle groups leads to rolling and crawling
  • Hook & loop closure
  • Extra elastic holds the garment in place
  • Protective fabrics are available
  • A building’s interior is insulated
  • We provide a variety of sizes for you to choose from
  • The coat does not have clips for attachment

5. Nuby Soothing Teething Mitten with Hygienic Travel Bag

As soon as the baby reaches the age of three months, they begin teething, so anything that gets into the mouth will be chewed. Since their hands are closest to them and most readily accessible, young children tend to chew on them a lot. However, constant contact with teeth and saliva harms delicate skin, so the skin should be protected from harm.

This baby teething mitten is easy to wear and keeps the child’s wrists firmly in place while chewing on them. You can keep your baby entertained and prevent him from crying by using silicone inserts with pimples and crinkly sounds. Individual fabric bags also make traveling and storing your products much more accessible. You can purchase these gloves for the Baby Shower of your female friend who is expecting a child. You can give it to both boys and girls, so don’t hesitate!

Key Specification

The Nuby teething mitten soothes and relieves teething pain. Babies can hold teethers while protecting their hands from chewing. Colorful silicone stimulates gums and teeth while captivating your baby.

  • Teething Mittens feature soft silicone surfaces to relieve sore gums and prevent the baby from scratching.
  • Soft and flexible, the mitten protects the baby’s hands from chewing while providing teethers for babies who will not be able to hold them.
  • Comfortable teething mittens that fit most babies’ hands are easy to clean and are machine washable.
  • Various colors
  • Machine washable, easily cleaned
  • Keep your hands from biting
  • Scratches on the face should be avoided
  • Taking good care of yourself
  • Keep them clean by washing them often

6. Geyoga Infant Toddler Gloves for Newborn Baby Boys and Girls

Since the baby’s brain is still developing, it cannot handle chaotic movements when the baby begins to move its arms. Gentle skin can be injured by scratching his skin with sharp fingernails and damaging his eyes. Make sure your baby is protected with these baby hand mittens! It comes in three different colors: blue, mottled, and peachy.

In addition, they keep the baby’s hands warm at night and prevent him from chewing on their delicate skin. With these anti-scratch mittens for babies, you’ll be prepared for anything. Whether you’re buying them for a new baby or a Baby Shower gift, you’ll find them here.

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Cotton mittens are lightweight, breathable, washable, and reusable for babies, reliable material ensures excellent durability, and exquisite craftsmanship stops them from fading and breaking. Your children can use them for a long time.

  • We offer 24 different cotton newborn mitten designs in total, enough to care for your baby every day.
  • Gifts that can be practical for your children or new parents
  • Baby’s hands will look cuter and more attractive with these mittens
  • Both boys and girls will enjoy it
  • Be careful not to bite your hands
  • Washing is possible with the washing machine
  • A salivary gland absorbs
  • Expensive

7. Reyow Adjustable Infant Gloves for Newborn Baby Boys and Girls

Especially for moms, dads, and children, it’s a great invention. Handsocks keep hands warm at night and protect children’s faces and eyes from self-scratching. With these mittens, your baby will be protected from sharp children’s teeth when they are teething. The child’s arms are not squeezed, and the sweat does not absorb despite their lovely appearance on the hands. Choose one of these gifts for your pregnant mother’s Baby Shower if you have no idea what to get her!

Because these mittens are longer, they provide warmth to the palms and forearms, an excellent substitute for ordinary infant mittens that scratch. Do not miss out on this opportunity!

Key Specification

It’s a great invention, especially for moms, dads, and children. Handwarmers keep hands warm at night and prevent children from scratching their faces and eyes. These mittens will protect your teething baby from sharp children’s teeth.

  • Easily adjustable
  • Elasticated scratch mittens allow you to adjust them according to your baby’s wrist size.
  • Adapt your baby’s preferences by choosing from three colors, blue, green, or yellow.
  • Three years old or younger
  • Keeping hands warm throughout the night
  • It complements any suit
  • The design is grey and blue and is unisex
  • The assimilation of saliva
  • It is possible to twist and slip

8. Hudson Baby Infant Girl Cotton Headband and Scratch Mitten Set

This adorable stuff will surely benefit your child in some way! You can choose these cute baby girl mittens in various colors and patterns if you are looking for a gift for a new mom or if you are looking for a gift for a baby shower! Three different variants of plain and patterned items are available for babies up to the age of six months.

You can also choose various colors and patterns as an alternative to red and black, such as white/gray with flowers and figures—an excellent product for every occasion, great for hand warmth and skin protection. If You have a newborn girl, so choose this fabulous item! This kit has plain and patterned pieces made of soft, delicate fabric. A great kit for everyday use!

Key Specification

Your baby’s essentials are covered with our product line. We make premium baby clothes and accessories with high-quality fabrics and fun, colorful themes. Your baby needs comfort and cuteness.

  • Using a washing machine
  • A matching pair of scratch mittens are included in the set
  • Cotton is 100% organic
  • Comfortable, soft, and gentle on baby’s skin
  • Spandex and cotton or 100% cotton
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Work-saving
  • Pricey

9. Gerber Baby Boys Cap and Mitten Sets for Winter

For babies aged 0-6 months, choose these beautiful mittens. Soft and gentle, these pants feature convenient seams and a gathered waist. They provide safe and comfortable protection for tiny hands, allowing hands to breathe and move freely. They make the perfect Baby Shower gift.

The knitwear comes in a wide range of colors and pictures, making it universal for both boys and girls. The multi-colored baby gloves will keep your infant’s hands warm and protect its sensitive skin from self-scratching. Colors with polka dots and stripes are available for both boys and girls.

Key Specification

You can feel confident that our baby clothes will keep your child happy and healthy. Our clothing is easy to change, features safety features, and is made with super soft fabrics.

  • Closure with pull tabs
  • The machine washes
  • A set of four mittens and four caps is included
  • A soft cotton ribbed top
  • It fits snugly and comfortably with elastic wristbands
  • Launderable
  • Baby-friendly
  • There are a few pairs with five caps in the kit
  • Taking good care of yourself

10. N’Ice Caps Sherpa Lined Fleece Hat Mitten Winter Set for Boys and Girls

This kit is the perfect choice for your child if they need beautiful warm clothes. They will always have warm hands that are protected from the wind and snow with them. Beautiful gray, violet and pink baby winter mittens are for newborns to elementary school.

They will keep the child warm and comfortable from autumn to spring. Simply select the size from the dropdown menu and order! An expecting mother and baby will appreciate gifts like this at a Baby Shower. The full-color range and size chart makes it easy to select the perfect kit for every child.

Key Specification

Wear these insulated hats and mittens this winter with your little boys, girls, toddlers, infants, and newborns. Colors and designs include fair isle, animal embroideries, train embroideries, embossed hearts, and hats with cute ears!

  • Our fleece materials are soft, comfortable, naturally warm, and water resistant.
  • Warm sherpa lining makes the hat and mittens very warm in cold weather.
  • Even fussy toddlers are happy to wear these fleece double-layer accessory sets because they are so soft and cozy.
  • Washable in a machine.
  • The skin should not be irritated.
  • For Performing warm-up exercises.
  • Put on a hat.
  • The price was relatively high.
  • Snow may make you wet.

Best Winter Gloves for Babies | Buying Guide

Various models and designs of winter gloves for babies are available. You must make the right decision when selecting them. A few things need to be considered when choosing winter gloves for babies. A baby mitten is a small, fingerless glove for a newborn child. The elastic bands on the wrists should be placed gently. Baby mittens made of fleece or cotton are thin and warm. Gloves provide comfort and safety to the child as they sleep and play due to their pure form. Make sure the mittens and gloves have good seams and traces before buying. Since a baby’s hands will probably grow up fast, these accessories should be chosen with a small margin. Be sure the elastic bands and fastenings are secure since mittens can easily fall off.


Based on your child’s preferred winter activities, select the gloves. If they enjoy building snowmen or forts in the snow, buy them waterproof gloves.

Those who spend much time outside in cold weather should get insulated gloves to keep them warm. Sports gloves are recommended when participating in winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding.


The size of children’s gloves depends on their age. Manufacturers often provide detailed charts that include hand measurements that will assist you in finding the correct size.


The lining of most winter gloves is either polar fleece or special 3M Thinsulate insulation. During cold weather, these gloves will keep you warm and comfortable.


For the best fit and protection, consider gloves that can be adjusted at the wrist area. A wristband, buckle, or Velcro strap will allow you to customize the fit.


Winter gloves should provide optimal protection and last for a long time. Children’s gloves may wear out quickly, especially if the child is active. You can determine if the gloves are durable if you read the specifications and reviews.

Age range

With a wide selection of children’s mittens, you can find one that suits your needs.

  • For Newborn

A newborn’s delicate skin and eyes must be protected from involuntary hand movements. Buy thin cotton mittens for your newborn baby. Put fleece gloves on during cold weather.

  • For Infant

During the first six months of a child’s life, he learns to control his movements and constantly grips his fists. The silicone inserts in the gloves will protect the baby’s fingers and fingernails from the irritating effects of saliva.

  • For Toddler

If To keep a child’s hands warm and prevent the deformation of growing teeth and fingers, choose elbow-length mittens so your child can still suck his thumb.


The best material for newborns is 100% cotton because it doesn’t irritate them and allows for airflow. These lightweight and comfortable gloves are made from cotton. Don’t squeeze the skin, and use scratch-resistant gloves.


Touching the material feels pleasant, and the material is well-ventilated. Fleece is generally thought to be a warm material, however, thanks to the fact that it is neither hot nor cold inside, the skin has no problems breathing, so it is only suitable for mild winters when temperatures do not fall below 10°C.

Synthetics is an industry. Acrylic gloves, polyamide, polyurethane, polyester, and membrane mittens are available, as well as synthetic winterizes and silicone fillers. All materials are designed to keep hands dry and warm. Still, it’s essential to pick a reliable manufacturer and material.


The function of mittens is the same for both girls and boys as both genders wear them. However, the designs differ.

  • Specifically for girls
  • Mittens for girls are traditionally pink, peachy, yellow, and orange.
  • Boys typically wear blue.
  • Baby boy mittens with a pattern should be blue, gray, or black for boys.

Both sexes can wear gray, white, red, and orange mittens.


Soft wrists are ideal for baby mittens, so the skin is not squeezed. You should choose models with reliable straps and loops in winter to ensure the best fit on your baby’s skin.

Machine Washable

When selecting children’s mittens, you must consider more important nuances than the material. An easy-care design is a must for every mom. The washing machine makes it convenient to wash gloves.

Best Baby Mittens Types

Gloves That Won’t Scratch

Skin and eyes are protected during uncontrolled hand movements due to no-scratch mittens, which prevent skin damage due to the child’s sharp fingernails.

Mittens for Winter

Warm and natural winter mittens, such as fleece or polyamide with a filler, are recommended for babies. Wool quickly becomes soaked and covered with ice.

Toddler Mittens

Your baby can satisfy its urge to bite with silicone and breathable cotton teething mittens. Hand washes. Baby can hear them rustle a little bit, and the hand doesn’t sweat on them. A child’s fingers and the cam can be weaned with this method. It allows the child to adjust the volume by adjusting the strap.


What is the purpose of wearing mittens?

There are several reasons why babies wear mittens. Their hands must be kept warm for this reason. In addition, it can be used as a covering for their fingernails to prevent them from scratching themselves. Also, they prevent your child from sucking on their fingers or germs from getting into their mouths.

How should the materials be chosen?

This is more of a personal preference and how you intend to use the mittens. You should choose something that can prevent scratches on a regular basis, such as cotton or thinner materials. The best choice for keeping their hands warm may be something with lining or knit.

Does my child need glove liners?

Under gloves in extremely cold conditions, gloves liners provide additional warmth. They are thin, well-insulated, and made of breathable material. If your child’s hands become cold quickly, you may want to consider buying them.

Children’s gloves should meet their winter needs. As a parent, you are the best person to know their safety preferences. Make sure you provide them with the best inter gloves so they can enjoy playing outside even in the cold winter months.

For how long should my child wear mittens?

This will depend on their use. You probably only need them for 6 months if you use it to protect from scratches. At this point, your child should be able to control their hands and arms well enough that they won’t accidentally scratch themselves. It doesn’t matter how old your child is, you can use them to keep their hands warm. In cold weather, adults wear gloves and mittens.

What size mittens should I buy?

It depends on your child’s size. If you’re looking for mittens to cover their nails, they’re most likely available in sizes 0-3 months or 0-6 months. You will choose the size of the gloves based on the size of your child’s hands if you buy them to keep their hands warm.

What is the safety concern?

The mittens shouldn’t be too small so that their fingers aren’t cramped. Moreover, if they are too tight, it could cause wrist pain.

Hold them out of reach when they aren’t on their hands. This keeps them from choking on the entire mitten. You should always supervise your child at all times to avoid any dangers.


The wish of every parent is to keep their baby safe and unharmed. Gloves are an easy way to prevent your child from accidentally scratching themselves and for you to worry less about it.

Although many options are available, you can find the perfect pair if you consider what you need in advance. Our advice makes it easy to choose the right baby mittens. Rative Newborn Baby Cotton Gloves are the best model for protecting babies’ faces and eyes from scratches. You can choose from various models based on your goals, the climate, the child’s age, and gender. You decide!

Congratulations on becoming a parent! Gloves for teething are available, which protect the hands and teeth of the baby from saliva and bites. With their beautiful and cute designs, the best baby mittens in 2022 will please both boys and girls. They feature pale pink and blue gloves that are adorned with patterns. The best baby blankets, hats, and bows can be found in kits at a much lower price!

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