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How To Organize Winter Hats And Gloves

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During the winter, winter accessories ought to be stored in a location that can be accessed easily. People typically do this in their closets, mudrooms, or entryways.

There are a variety of solutions to keep things organized in your home, regardless of its layout. Managing our winter gear with four kids living in cold New Hampshire can be challenging. I’ve trouble finding space in our closet or a sound system that consistently works for winter coats, snow pants, hats, mittens, boots, etc.

It wasn’t perfect, but it worked for organizing my closet a few years ago. My wardrobe needs an overhaul after moving 18 months ago. Organizing winter hats, gloves, and other gear hasn’t been as easy as I hoped in our new home since it has more closets and storage space.

Here are Some Tips for Storing Winter Hats and Gloves

There are hooks on the wall for each child’s snow pants and winter coat. The central closet rod is tall enough for Nathan to hang his coat and snow pants.

We installed a double hook on the side of the closet for Emily’s things since her snow pants are too tall to hang over the bench.

It’s unlikely they will withstand the abuse they will receive this season, but at least they’re not permanent. Command hooks hold down Joshua and Luke’s gear; they’re inexpensive and should withstand abuse.

Each child has a shoe and boot storage compartment under the bench. On top of the table, kids can put their hats, mittens, or gloves. Organizing winter hats and gloves have been made so much easier by creating a designated space! I keep mittens or hats that I always have extra around in separate bins in the closet.

Recently, we’ve had no problems organizing our winter gear. Since the system is so simple, messes and arguments are non-existent. Some of the kids have gone as far as simply throwing their things in the closet without putting them away correctly, but we were able to notice who was doing it and had them correct it straight away.

Despite six months of using this system, my kids still ask for chores to do whenever possible! If you’re tired of battling with your kids, give it a try! I recommend checking out our Chore Stick system if you’re tired of fighting with your kids about what to do.

I hope this information has helped give you some inspiration if you’ve been wondering how to organize winter hats and gloves, boots, and other equipment.

Organizing my children’s winter gear this year with the help of this system has been effective, and we love it!

Organizing Hats & Gloves


  • You are ready to go as soon as you have gathered your winter hats and gloves.
  • It is best to look at things individually to gauge their benefits. Ask yourself a few questions to determine if your garment is still in good condition (is it ripped, faded, or stained? Has it been worn recently? Is it still trendy? Does it still fit?).
  • During this process, you will put the items in the corresponding pile, gift bag, or box – Keep, Donate, Distribute, Trash.
  • After you have taken out the trash from your home and placed the donated items in your car (for a quick drop off at the donation center the next time you pass), the trash from your home when you are done with your purge into the car, using this method, you won’t have to worry about undoing the stiff glove and hat organizer work.
  • Consider distributing any good condition items that won’t fit someone who will. If things are in good condition, please consider distributing them to a smaller and younger relative before giving them away.


  • Now that you have reduced, you can focus on what remains if you are unsure which categories to sort the remaining hats and gloves into (e.g., hats, gloves, ear gear, sleeves), ask yourself what makes sense.


  • Organize your winter gear neatly in a drawer, canvas storage bin, or whatever works for you.
  • As you can see from the photos below, I have a canvas storage bin that is very accessible and easy to access to store my hats and gloves.


  • Keep your glove and hat organizer successful by returning items to their proper locations after use.
  • The most effective closet organizing ideas involve keeping donation bags in the closet. It would be best to immediately donate anything you consider unwearable (faded, ripped, stained, too small, too big, faded, etc. ). Doing such quick regular purges will allow you to avoid long organizing sessions.

To Organize Your Hats & Gloves

To begin with, let me take this opportunity to explain why this is the solution I use for storing my winter clothing.

  1. A hat bin or glove box keeps a jumble of hats and gloves at least contained and together, even when the hats and gloves grow unruly very quickly.
  2. Nothing is more enjoyable than tossing away items after each use than putting them away. Putting things away is such an easy task that you will ensure that things are put away if you follow this simple strategy.
  3. Rearranging my closet for the new season involves moving a few bins around.
  4. I love taking out the bin from the box and placing it on a shelf to unpack my closet after a move.

Let’s get to the point. This is the hat and glove storage bin I use at home. Similar containers are available at other places like Amazon or Bed, Bath and Beyond (but this particular one is from The Container Store).

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Life happens despite my best efforts, and it is impossible to stop things from getting messy (even if you are a professional organizer like me). To improve my storage solution, I decided to give it a bit of a tweak and make it better.

It was the time it took me to find what I wanted after digging through the bin that was the issue I had. My getting-ready time was wasted because it took too long.

Step 1: Take the trash out.

Step 2: Sort out all my things so I know what I own, how much I have, and when I need it. I have a picture below of a pile of beanie hats, “other” hats, ear/headgear, and then a pile of gloves and sleeves in front of me.

Step 3: Place items neatly in the bin. My hats, slightly different from my cardigans, were filed the same way I did for them. Putting the gloves in a pile on the left side of the table, I arranged them orderly. There are typically the most gloves on the top, and on the bottom, there generally are the smallest gloves used.

Step 4: I’m jumping for joy! Everything is so easy to find now. Hooray!

Over the Door Organizer

Numerous pockets on the glove box allow gloves, hats, and rolled-up scarves to be easily stored. Moreover, it is affordable and is no longer limited to shoes. Put gloves, hats, and scarves in the pockets of this organizer. You can also use pockets for bags and umbrellas if you have extra space. You can put anything you need in them when you leave home.

Organizing Your Hats

Salty and snowy hats are the worst thing you can do to your floors. Keep them clean by choosing either of these two options.


Your mudroom or coat closet floor can be an excellent place to let your winter boots dry. Make sure to keep the mess contained with a tray.

Hat Rack

Racks mounted on walls, or the back of your mudroom or closet doors are a good choice if you have the space.

Repurposing Storage

This simple hack makes an Ikea wine glass rack a mitten drying rack. Brilliant! Check out her blog for more suggestions on using this rod after the mitten season.

Simple Solutions

I always turn to Solutions when I need reasonably priced storage. This solution is $4.98. Attach mittens and gloves with clothespins by threading scarves through the holes.

Simply Baskets

Form and function come together in baskets. Whether it’s hats, gloves, or scarves, giving each child, their basket and morning scrambles will be a thing of the past.

A bench installed in this entryway showcases the beauty of baskets filled with winter accessories.

Vintage Option

Hats and other winter accessories look great with this charming solution. Very inventive! I wish I had some rustic crates to do this with!

Open Storage

This is an exciting option for those who prefer open storage. It seems to suit singles with pretty accessories they’re not averse to showcasing. In contrast, it may not be the best choice for children’s accessories in vibrant colors.

Rustic Rack

This homemade storage is simple, but I couldn’t resist it. I’ve tried it for a half-day, and I love the results! I used it both as art and storage. These boots are perfect for winter gear in the cold but have many other uses in the warmer months.

We usually wear winter men’s hats, scarves, and gloves. Available options allow us to maintain a neat and orderly entryway while reclaiming our entry.

Teaching children to put their gear in the right spot is another thing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Store Winter Hats and Gloves?

  1. Before dancing, there is a Conga line for hat storage.
  2. Organize your winter clothes, purses, and clutches in hanging cubbies.
  3. A candlestick for wearing and storing beanie hats.
  4. Mitts can be air-dried and stored on a clothesline.
  5. Storage for gloves, scarves, hats, earmuffs, and winter hats with an over-the-door shoe organizer.

How Do You Store Bobble Hats?

Your beanies can be rolled up and placed in the shoe hanger pockets. By doing so, they won’t stretch out of shape. It’s easy and convenient to hang out! Beanie shelves can be made from any frame in your closet or house.

How Do You Keep Gloves Together?

So you will always know where your gloves are, keep them in the same place or pocket every time. If you aren’t going to wear your gloves, clip them together. To keep your gloves from blowing away, leash them to your wrists. Often, heavy gloves and mitts have straps that cinch them in place.

Do You Have a Method for Storing Many Hats?

Organizing and storing your hats is simple if you follow these tips:

  1. Make sure you can see your favorite hats.
  2. Put your most worn hat near your front door on a hook.
  3. You should keep your out-of-season caps in the back of the basket where you store your hats.
  4. Hang all your hats across the wall on interesting hooks if you have the space.
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