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Football players used gloves like other tools, helmets, and shoulder pads to support them during the game. The Player used the gloves to make a firm grip on the football. Primarily, a wideout player used the gloves to catch the ball. Wearing gloves gives you competitive performance and protection in the game. When you play, your hand becomes sweaty, harming your performance by smell. While playing, gloves are continuously stained with dirt and grass that eliminate the quality of your gloves and become sticky, which may harm your health. Here, we define some essential tricks your gloves lives will enhance, and they look like just new gloves.

How to Clean Football Gloves

Here are the two most common methods used for washing hand gloves.

  1. Hand Washing
  2. Machine Washing

Hand washing is the easiest and safest way of washing gloves than machine washing because it is suitable for gloves fabric.

Hand Washing

Hand washing is the safest and most gentle way of washing football gloves; for this purpose, have some water in the bucket and add one tablespoon of detergent in it by mixing it thoroughly. When detergent resolves appropriately, put the gloves into the water for five minutes so that they absorb water completely.

Cleansing Gloves

Cleansing gloves gently after taking them out from the water with your palm and fingers in this way, the surface of the gloves becomes spotless. You have to be careful about the upper layer of gloves during cleansing.

Wash Out and Dry

After cleansing gloves, they should be washed out thoroughly with cold water that will take off all the detergents, and hang the gloves in a light temperature area for drying. Always remember that high temperatures will harm your gloves.

Machine Washing

Before gloves machine washing, you have to remove all the dirt, ensure the gloves are completely purified from the dust and read all the instructions about washing gloves mentioned on the label paper. Always treat your gloves gently while washing in the machine. Depending upon the fabric quality, some gloves are favorable for machine washing, and some are not. Use tea bags to make your gloves odor free by giving them a new look.

Over Turn Your Gloves

Overt your gloves entirely when using the machine washing method because it may give your gloves extra protection during the washing process. When you flip your gloves, it is much easier to wash the inside of the gloves, which makes a bad smell. Over-turning of gloves may also protect the grip of football gloves.

Use Pillowcase

The pillowcase gives extra protection to your gloves. If you want additional protection for your gloves, put a pillowcase inside that will provide a fresh look for your gloves and a sweet fragrance.

Cold Water

Use Cold water instead of hot water to protect your gloves from shrinking. Cold water provides resistance against expanding of gloves during the washing process, while hot water may damage your glove’s health.

We can improve gloves’ stickiness by using these tricks without breaking the rules.  

  1. Gloves become sweety after a game and loss grip; to improve the grip of gloves, dry them in the open air under sunlight.
  2. Having some water on the palm of your glove and rubbing each other palm to palm and fingers to fingers will boost the glove’s grip during the game.
  3. Clean the gloves deeply with a wet towel that will extract all dirt from the gloves and provide grip to the gloves.


Why we need to wash football gloves?

Gloves washing is essential for increasing gloves performance and quality if they are not properly washed, they lose their grip that reduced your confidence during playing by effecting your performance. So, it is most important to wash them after the specific time span.

How Long football gloves used?

Football gloves usage and life depends upon the care they must required for better performance. If you care properly the gloves last for 3 to 4 years and vice versa. It is highly recommended that gloves should be change after each season.

Could Hand Sanitizer improve stickiness on gloves?

Hand sanitizer used to make your hands disinfected during playing but football player applies it on their gloves to provide the layer that provide more stickiness on football.

Is dryer being suitable for football gloves?

Dryer has intensive heat inside it, if you use dryer for gloves dryness that will harm your gloves outer look which makes with special material. If you want to use dryer then put your gloves in towel and put them into dryer on moderate temperature.

How to eliminate gloves stink?

Gloves stink may be reduced for certain level if gloves are completely dried after every session in the sun. Make the special point for gloves where they utilize sun for complete dry by eliminating bad odor.


Gloves washing is crucial for the adequate performance of players during the game. The Player performs very well when satisfied with the glove’s stickiness because it increases the Player’s confidence. It should be done appropriately after a specific period to maintain the quality of the gloves. The rate of gloves increased by hand washing because it is the easiest and safest way of washing. Always use cold water for this process; while machine washing is not suitable for the glove’s outer fabric, the glove’s skin may damage during machine washing. So, avoid this method of cleaning gloves.

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