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Do you want the best kids’ waterproof gloves to arrive soon? As you prepare to buy winter outerwear for your family, include children’s winter gloves on your shopping list. Their winter gloves are as important as children’s coats, hats, and boots. They’re even waterproof, so they’re perfect for making snowballs. While they provide warmth in cold temperatures, some are even waterproof.

You can even purchase touchscreen-compatible gloves with specially designed fingertips if your kids want to text or take pictures outside. Children’s winter gloves are stylish and can be bought in various colors and licensed character themes.

Our buying guide for kids’ winter gloves is to keep little hands and fingers warm.

10 Best Kids Waterproof Gloves





Children Toddlers Infant and Thinsulate Winter Waterproof Gloves
  • Size: 6 months to 8 years
  • Color: Dark Gray
  • Material: Fleece
  • Style: Winter play
N'Ice Caps Kids Thinsulate Waterproof Warm Winter Snow Ski Gloves
  • Size: 3 to 15 years
  • Color: Neon green digital camo
  • Material: 3M Thinsulate insulation
  • Style: Hand
MAGARROW Kids Winter Warm Windproof Outdoor Sports Gloves For Boys & Girls
  • Size: Small (Fit kids 6-7 years old)
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Polyester, Faux Leather, Nylon
  • Style: Hand
VELAZZIO Waterproof Breathable Snowboard Ski Winter Gloves for Men & Women
  • Size: Small
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Style: Ambidextrous
YR.Lover Children Winter Warm Outdoor Riding Ski Gloves
  • Size: S-2-4y
  • Color: Blue1
  • Material: Polyester, Nylon
  • Style: Cool look
YukiniYa Thick Soft Fleece Warm Touch Screen Anti-Slip Kids Winter Gloves for Boys & Girls
  • Size: 3 to 15 years
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Fleece, Silicone
  • Style: Multifunctional
Tough Outdoors Cold Weather Waterproof Winter Snowboard Gloves for Men & Women
  • Size: X-Small
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Nylon
  • Style: Ambidextrous
SANREMO Unisex Kids Thinsulate and Waterproof Cold Weather Ski Gloves
  • Size: 4 to 16 years
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Polyester
  • Style: Ski winter
Cooraby 6 Pairs Kids Knitted Magic Stretchy Full Fingers Warm Winter Gloves
  • Size: Small
  • Color: Multi-color
  • Material: Acrylic, Cotton
  • Style: Outdoor activities
LETHMIK Mix Knit Kids Texting Winter Cold Weather Gloves for Boys & Girls
  • Size: One Size
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Wool lining
  • Style: Texting/typing/writing

1. Children Toddlers Infant and Thinsulate Winter Waterproof Gloves

It is also important to mention that these mitten-style winter gloves for children in the style of infants and babies will guarantee that your hands will be warm this winter. In addition to the Talalay and the Thinsulate on the outside of this jacket, a fleece lining is also inside to keep you warm. Snowboarding, skiing, and snow fighting are perfect winter activities you can enjoy with these gloves. These can be found in five different sizes and worn by children aged from one up to eight years old. They come in 15 different eye-catching colors, so anyone can find something that appeals to them.

Key Specification

Cold weather-ready winter snow is here! And so is the cold weather! Make sure your kids are ready with windbreakers by Zelda matilda’s warmest mittens. These mittens are made to the highest quality standards and are willing to take on whatever winter play you can think of!

  • You can buy those handy little clips that clip to their jacket and mittens for an easy solution.
  • Make sure you have a stash of stretchy gloves on hand.
  • Make sure they’re tucked away
  • Made to keep you warm
  • Secure hook-and-loop closure
  • Snow and cold air are kept out with extra-long cuffs
  • Featuring a moisture-wicking lining
  • Non-slip grip on palms
  • Allows free movement of the thumb
  • Comfortable
  • There is a possibility that the sizes are large

2. N’Ice Caps Kids Thinsulate Waterproof Warm Winter Snow Ski Gloves

In contrast to the expected winter gloves, N’Ice Caps are made from a 3M Thinsulate lined shell with 2.5-inch knit cuffs. Keeping your child’s hands dry in snowy, icy, or wet conditions is no issue since these gloves are waterproof. Kids can wear gloves with cool camo prints while skiing or sledding, which would be an excellent time to wear them. Since these gloves have elastic in the wrist area, they can easily be put on and taken off. Children ages six to fifteen can use these gloves since there are four different sizes. Children choose from 12 different colors of camo gloves for the summer season.

Key Specification

The gloves are insulated with 3M Thinsulate for warmth in cold winter. The gloves are fully waterproof and keep kids’ hands dry in wet, snowy, and icy conditions.

  • In cold winter temperatures, the mittens are insulated with 3M Thinsulate. 
  • Keeping kids’ hands dry in wet, snowy, and icy conditions is easy with these mittens. 
  • A 2.5-inch knitted cuff prevents snow from getting inside the gloves when worn under jackets and coats.
  • Easy to put on and adjust
  • The insulation offered by 3M Thinsulate is comfortable
  • Knitted cuffs prevent snow from getting inside the sleeves
  • Seamless fingertips and curved fingers provide a snug, comfortable fit
  • Hook-and-loop closure for a snug, secure fit
  • Water and snow are kept out of the gloves with the waterproof membrane
  • Non-bulky and lightweight
  • Wearable and adjustable
  • Some kids may find it too bulky

3. Magarrow Kids Winter Warm Windproof Outdoor Sports Gloves for Boys & Girls

Designed for all winter sports activities, you will find that these gloves have a polyester shell and a mix of polyester and rayon lining. As a result, during any snowy excursion, the child’s hands remain warm and protected thanks to the combination of materials. Children of all ages can use these gloves because they come in six colors and two sizes. You can choose from six different color combinations and two sizes.

Key Specification

Polyfill interlining to keep warmer inside. Rhombic pattern PU leather with good grip and friendly feeling. Buckle design for anti-lost.

  • Elastic is used in the wrist area of the mittens
  • It fits easily.
  • Children’s hands won’t lose their mittens thanks to the hook-and-loop closure. 
  • Kids who love to run around outside in the winter will love these mittens!
  • Warmth is provided by polyfill internal dining.
  • P.U. leather with a rhombic pattern offers a good grip
  • Gloves are less likely to be lost with Buckle
  • Knitted cuffs resist cold and wind
  • Fastener for a secure fit
  • Mixed reviews have been written about durability

4. Velazzio Waterproof Breathable Snowboard Ski Winter Gloves for Men & Women

This pair of VELAZZIO Waterproof Breathable Snowboard Gloves are designed for skiers and snowboarders alike. Their water resistance and ability to provide warmth in all conditions make them ideal. The perfect holiday gift for kids in the age group of four and five is one of these. There are five different colors available.

Key Specification

VELAZZIO ski gloves are padded with robust 3m Thinsulate insulation, which traps body heat efficiently and provides nearly twice the warmth of other materials. Thinsulate is also highly breathable and moisture-wicking.

  • 3M Thinsulate provides insulation
  • Nearly twice as warm as other materials due to its ability to trap body heat
  • In addition to being highly breathable and moisture-wicking, Thinsulate is also extremely durable.
  • The product is suitable for mid-winter conditions.
  • The thick fleece lining provides warmth
  • The anti-slip design provides a grip
  • Rope design prevents them from getting lost
  • Light and soft
  • Not waterproof, only water-resistant

5. YR.Lover Children Winter Warm Outdoor Riding Ski Gloves

While engaging in various outdoor snow activities, kids will enjoy wearing these warm winter gloves. These gloves are lined with nylon, filled with velour, and padded with polyester to make them comfortable. There are three sizes of these cribs: a small one for a two to fourth-aged child, a medium one for a six to eight-year-old child, and a large one for a ten to eight-year-old. There are 15 colors to choose from in this case.

Key Specification

Warm and Breathable Insulation holds the heat; always keep the hands warm and cozy. But you can’t put it directly in the water; it is not a rubber dishwashing glove.

  • A soft knitted polyester lining ensures a comfortable hand feels and keeps hands breathable. 
  • A high-quality wool filling is used in fleece.
  • When your children are going out or playing, keep them warm
  • Drawstring is adjustable 
  • Hands are kept warm and comfortable with breathable insulation
  • Hands are kept warm and cozy with breathable insulation
  • The gloves’ long cuffs keep cold air, snow, and dirt out
  • An adjustable wrist strap with a buckle
  • Firm grip with anti-slip P.U. palm
  • Launderable
  • Sizes may not be accurate

6. YukiniYa Thick Soft Fleece Warm Touch Screen Anti-Slip Kids Winter Gloves for Boys & Girls

In addition to being touchscreen-friendly, YukiniYa’s winter gloves for kids are also equipped with conductive touchscreen fabric, upgraded for 2018 on the thumb and index fingers. A lining of fleece provides warmth and comfort to the wearer. A piece of stretchy Lycra fabric provides the garment’s stretch. It is recommended that your child use these both indoors and outdoors for activities such as ball games, winter running, walking, and bicycling. These shoes are available in medium, large, and small sizes and can be worn by children aged four to ten.

Warmth and comfort are guaranteed with the fleece lining of these mittens. In addition, the long cuffs keep water out of the mittens while the elastic wristbands keep them in place on your toddler. If not in use, you can clip them together, and they can be machine washed for convenience.

Key Specification

The lightweight kid’s gloves are made of elastic material and thickened super soft short plush lining with three-layer high-density, longer stretchy double layer cuffs with double shirred elastic wrist keep your kid’s hands 360°warm to protect their hands from cold wind and offer a snug fit at the same time.

  • Your hands will stay warm and comfortable if they are fitted properly
  •  To maintain your dexterity 
  • Oversized gloves and mittens won’t keep your hands warm 
  • Ski poles might be challenging to hold, zippers might not operate smoothly, and many other tasks may be complex.
  • Snug-fitting double-layer cuffs with a touch screen.
  • A silicone print on the palms and fingertips increases friction and prevents slipping.
  • In the dark, reflective strips are helpful.
  • They are used as glove liners for bike gloves and ski gloves.
  • Easily shed fleece lining
  • Black or gray only

7. Tough Outdoors Cold Weather Waterproof Winter Snowboard Gloves for Men & Women

Synthetic leather and nylon make the Touch Screen Ski & Snow Gloves. They are suitable for skiing and snowboarding. With all the needed hand protection, your child will be able to play in the rain or snow. Children aged five to 12 years old will be able to wear these gloves. They can choose from black, pink, or blue gloves.

This mitten has a clip to keep the mittens together when not in use and a pull tab for easy on and off. They are also breathable, so small hands aren’t overheated even though the mittens are waterproof.

P.U. grippers on the palms and fingers and curved palm and finger design make these gloves suitable for skiing and snowboarding. These gloves can be worn by children ages 3 to 15.

Key Specification

Don’t let snow, sleet, or cold ruin your day. Tough Outdoor’s weatherproof ski gloves protect you from the elements. The all-nylon outer shell and reinforced synthetic leather palm keep rain and snow out, while the TPU breathable membrane allows sweat and moisture to escape.

  • You don’t have to let snow, sleet, or cold ruin your day
  • Weatherproof ski gloves protect you from the elements from Tough Outdoor
  • All-nylon outer shell and reinforced synthetic leather palm keep rain and snow out
  • Sweat and moisture can escape through the TPU breathable membrane
  • Super-durable and waterproof
  • Provides warmth and comfort to the body
  • The synthetic leather palm offers an improved grip
  • Provides reliable protection while keeping up with kids’ pace
  • An elastic waistband and cuff allow for a perfect fit
  • The sizes may be large

8. Sanremo Unisex Kids Thinsulate and Waterproof Cold Weather Ski Gloves

A premium-quality shell and lining make up the Sanremo Fashions cold weather ski gloves. Gloves are available in several colors, so your child can find one to suit their tastes. When it is cold outside, your child can keep their hands warm with these gloves. Children can wear it between 4 and 16 according to their size.

The designs and colors of these waterproof gloves will appeal to children, and you will appreciate that their hands will remain dry and warm. In addition, the price is very affordable.

The mittens can be clipped together when not in use and rolled up for a quick on and off. In addition to being waterproof, these mittens are breathable, so little hands don’t overheat.

Key Specification

The SANREMO winter gloves are comfortable and soft. The gloves have a warm, soft fleece Insulated lining that will keep your hands warm and you very satisfied!

  • SANREMO ski gloves keep your hands warm in the winter.
  • Warm hands with gloves.
  • Comfortable and soft SANREMO gloves.
  • These gloves have a warm, soft fleece Insulated lining that is not only warm but very comfortable.
  • Durable gloves
  • Soft and comfortable fleece lining
  • These gloves feature grippers on the thumb and palm, making them ideal for winter use.
  • Winter gloves with stretch cuffs keep snow and cold out
  • Keep the pair together with a clip
  • Linings made of fleece may shed easily

9. Cooraby 6 Pairs Kids Knitted Magic Stretchy Full Fingers Warm Winter Gloves

A blend of cotton, spandex, and acrylic fibers makes up Cooraby’s knitted magic gloves. Kids’ gloves are available in various fun colors and sizes for children ages six to 16. Six gloves are included in each pack while traveling, camping, routing school, and other outdoor activities.

A Key to the performance of this glove is the Aquabloc insert, which makes it both breathable and waterproof. A wrap cap reinforces the fingers, and synthetic leather covers the palm. Additional reinforcements are also present on the sidewalls in synthetic leather. As well as being durable, this pair of gloves will keep children warm for whatever activity they enjoy during the winter.

Key Specification

Lovely soft children’s magic gloves can protect children’s hands from the cold wind without getting hand frostbite, thus keeping them warm and active in the cold winter.

  • Soft to the touch and comfortable to wear
  • Rib-knit cuffs protect hands from cold
  • Warms the hands of children
  • The lateral stretching process is highly flexible and extensible
  • Wearable and easy to remove
  • Comfortable and soft
  • An elastic ribbed cuff keeps the gloves from getting cold
  • Stretchy and comfortable
  • Frostbite protection and warmth
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • When washed, it may shrink

10. Lethmik Mix Knit Kids Texting Winter Cold Weather Gloves for Boys & Girls

Due to their high-quality acrylic fabric and wool lining, the Lethmik gloves are perfect for cold weather. Whenever the gloves are worn correctly, the gloves can be used as a two-finger touchscreen. It comes in one size and is stretchable to fit most children’s hands.

Hestra’s Triton polyamide fabric makes this mitt windproof, waterproof, and breathable, ideal for any skiing adventure. Its palm is made from goat-proof leather, and its removable liner is made from 100% polyester.

It has a pull strap to prevent the snow from getting in and a snow lock to keep it from working. Additionally, it has eyelets equipped with carabiners. Its only downside is its high price.

Key Specification

Lethmik mix knit touchscreen gloves, Kids Texting Winter Cold Weather Gloves for Boys&Girls; Item Weight: 1.9 oz, very soft and comfortable winter warm knit gloves, Perfect for your kids. Hand Wash or Spot Clean Recommended!

  • A conductive material is used in the fingertips.
  • They can absorb the electrical current produced by capacitive touchscreens
  • With touchscreen gloves on, you can touch capacitive devices
  • Hand wash only
  • Kids’ solid color gloves require excellent craftsmanship
  • A convenient touchscreen experience on mobile phones, tablets, and other touchscreen devices
  • Provides warmth and superior elasticity
  • Lightweight and soft
  • Only water-resistant; not waterproof
  • It cannot be machine washed

Best Kids Waterproof Gloves | Buying Guide

Things to Consider While Purchasing Kids Waterproof Gloves

In addition, it is essential to ensure that the gloves you’re purchasing are washable, insulating, and water-resistant. The following are ten things you should consider when buying gloves.

This section gives you a complete buyer’s guide to help you decide which product to buy. Many options are available on the market, and we know you want to make the best choice for your child! The following factors should be taken into account when selecting a product:

Everyday Casual Gloves

Choosing gloves made of polyester, spandex, or fleece is the smartest choice if you want gloves for everyday use. These fabrics are going to provide the most warmth. Casual gloves should have two layers: an outer layer to keep the hands dry and a lining to keep your kid’s hands warm in the winter.

Weather Resistance

It is crucial to consider the weather in your area before purchasing gloves. Make sure any glove you buy satisfies the requirements while considering the harsh weather conditions where you live.


Flexibility refers to the freedom and comfort with kid’s fingers can move. The gloves are flexible if your child can do it; if you cannot, they are not adjustable. They are choosing a flexible glove that will not restrict how your baby’s hand is relaxed.

Cuff in Length

Keeping your child’s hands warm will be difficult if the cuff is too short. It’s a good idea to wear long gloves if you are going on a winter sightseeing trip with your kid. It will prevent much snow from getting into your arm via the cuffs. Gloves of a longer length are recommended for extreme activities, while gloves of a shorter length are suitable for everyday use.


Choosing the right winter glove is primarily influenced by the materials. Warmth and waterproofing are two parameters that are mainly determined by the materials. More warmth is needed from gloves made with thicker, more insulating materials. There is no doubt that insulation materials (common choices include cotton, fleece, and Thinsulate) make all the difference for warmth. It is necessary to use a water-resistant material, such as nylon, for the outer clothing’s outer layer. The house must also have adequate insulation to protect against water entering. Be sure to purchase warm and waterproof gloves before buying them!


Depending on the climate, you will have different needs. Some people may be able to get by with a less insulated glove if they live in climates where winters aren’t so harsh. It might be too hot for your child to wear full-blown winter gloves. During the colder months, you should choose gloves made from fleece or leather during the colder months to keep your hands warm. You should also consider winter gloves.

Depends on Activities

It is also essential to consider how you will be using your gloves before making your choice. Winter activities are a favorite for kids.

There are so many ways they can keep themselves entertained, from skiing to hockey and playing in the snow. If you want to get them some durable gloves, purchase them now. We feature a wide range of waterproof gloves and ski gloves for kids if they will be taking part in a lot of snowy activities.

Price vs. Quality

Last but not least, we consider the price. It’s not enough to just think price. You have to look at quality as well. A price rise is generally associated with increased quality, as you will find out if you do your research rate. During the winter, a quality pair of gloves may be worth the extra expense. There’s nothing quite like being accessible during the winter. Fingers ruin a winter day. We have listed our options above, and we recommend that you choose the option that fits best into your desired price range while offering all the features you want.

Types of Winter Gloves

The wool, the knit, the leather, the skis, oh my! What type of gloves do you choose from the many available? Take a look at a few of the most popular options.


It is, and sometimes the fingers allow for good grip if you plan to do any skiing or snowboarding. You’ll want to buy thicker gloves with more insulation if you plan to do any skiing or snowboarding with your children. Especially when it is cold, these gloves will come in handy. As snow boots, they are waterproof as well as breathable. Their lining (sometimes removable) wicks moisture away.

Knit or Wool

Children who don’t plan to play in the snow or win in freezing weather should select these. Although they are often very affordable, they can even be used underneath warmer gloves and mittens, depending on their thickness.


While leather is a good choice for adults in moderately cold weather, it is not always the best for kids. Using leather gloves will not keep kids’ hands warm on frigid days or playing in the snow. Cleaning leather requires special care.


From gloves to jackets to bedding, down is one of the best insulators. Besides being highly breathable, it is a lightweight, highly durable insulation. There are some drawbacks to down insulation, such as the fact that it will not compress over time and lose its fluff.

The first downside is that it’s expensive. However, the price is reasonable when you consider its longevity. In addition to this, it doesn’t work well when it’s wet.

Due to the second reason, we recommend using down in cold or dry winter environments or when going skiing or snowboarding with your children.


Insulation made from synthetic materials is much cheaper than down but does not maintain its fluff for as long. As synthetics age, they can become compressed and won’t fluff back up as quickly as down.

Synthetic insulation is better for wet winter environments, like snow play, because it dries faster and provides insulation after it has been wetted.

Generally, synthetic fiber children’s clothing is a good choice for day-to-day wear and the winter months. We chose synthetic insulation gloves rather than down gloves on our list for the reasons above.


Gloves are a popular choice for adults and kids alike, especially for older kids, because they allow them to move their fingers since it covers their entire hand.

When dealing with cold environments, gloves can be handy for kids running around a lot and exerting themselves. What’s the reason? The hands are more likely to get complicated when wearing gloves than mittens. You will discover why when you continue reading.


Mittens are the best choice for younger children or anyone who needs something extra warm. The heat produced when fingers are together is much greater than when fingers are individually “wrapped” in a glove.

One of the apparent disadvantages of wearing mittens is that finger mobility is reduced. However, most kids will not have a problem making a good snowball if they wear mittens. Furthermore, mittens may not be the best choice for kids planning to go skiing or snowboarding in the coming winter season.

Claw of the lobster. It is what a glove and a mitten would look like if they had a baby. Although lobster claw gloves are not standard, they provide more warmth than a glove and allow more finger movement than mittens.

In a lobster claw, the index and middle fingers are together in one part, the pinky and ring fingers in another region, and the thumb is covered separately.

Adults have more access to this option than children. There is no doubt that children might not like the “weird” sensation of having their fingers separated in this way.

Transformable. Can you have it all? Sure you can! Additionally, gloves can be covered with mittens. These are thinner and not as well insulated as the glove itself. As a mitten cover, it will fold over the fingers and provide additional insulation, thus making it a versatile option that works in different weather types.

Older kids and adults should use convertible or 3-in-1 gloves, which may feel bulky to younger children.

Waterproof or Not Waterproof?

Waterproof gloves may receive an enthusiastic yes at first glance. Waterproof gloves, however, can pose two problems for kids: excessive sweating and overheating.

Where does the sweat go when you wear waterproof gloves? Make sure your child wears waterproof gloves with moisture-wicking interiors.

Even though waterproof gloves wick sweat, they can get hot. Some gloves have vents or removable liners to allow for varying degrees of ventilation and insulation.

It is also essential to consider that just because waterproof gloves are waterproof, it does not mean that snow or water will not be able to find their way inside. If the gloves have an adjustable cuff or a drawstring or strap so that snow does not enter, ensure they are correctly adjusted so snow doesn’t enter.


Can my child wear leather gloves?

As leather gloves are durable and provide warmth, they are always the better option. Leather gloves should be cleaned and maintained regularly to maintain their durability.

Do my child’s gloves need to be lined?

When it’s cold outside, gloves are often lined with liners. They are thin and made of breathable materials that provide good insulation. Your child’s hands may become cold quickly if they don’t have them.

The best gloves for your child are the ones that meet their winter needs. Children’s preferences and safety profiles are best understood by their parents. Make sure you get the best information.

How should gloves made of knit materials be washed?

The most accessible gloves to clean are knit gloves, whether made of cotton, wool, or synthetic materials. They can usually be washed by hand or on a gentle cycle with cold water. Don’t let them air dry if you want to prevent shrinking or loss of shape.

Do my child’s gloves need liners?

Depending. Adding a liner to a child’s sleep bag can serve as an additional insulation layer when the child is in a freezing environment or is particularly sensitive to cold. They are also handy for kids who are going skiing or snowboarding.

Many midweight gloves, such as ski gloves, have a removable liner already attached for extra warmth and easy cleaning. You can purchase additional gloves if desired. Thin, breathable clothing should wick away moisture and be breathable.

Why does the list not include knit gloves?

In addition to simple knit gloves and mittens, we selected gloves and mittens made from durable materials that would provide maximum warmth and endure lots of snow play. The heat and waterproofing provided by knit gloves are insufficient for most winter activities.


Kid’s waterproof gloves come in wide varieties, so you can choose according to your needs. Be careful not to buy cheap gloves, though. An excellent pair of gloves will make a big difference in the winter.

Denali Thermal gloves from North Face are a great option for older kids. They are comfortable, stylish, and durable.

However, our recommendation to avid skiers is to go with Burton Youth Vent Gloves. Additionally, they are very durable, and their venting allows them to be used in moderately cold to frigid temperatures.

You should check out the Columbia Toddler Chippewa long mittens if you have a toddler. The gloves are extra long, so there won’t be any snow on them, and the mittens won’t fall off easily. Regardless of which gloves you select from the list above, your kids will be happy and warm this winter because they have suitable gloves on their hands.

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