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Best Winter Golf Gloves for Cold Weather

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The weather can be challenging for golf players during cold, windy, and wet weather since it is harder to hold onto your club during cold, wet, and windy weather. When you have the right equipment, however, you are much more likely to be able to hold the club properly. You should wear golf gloves designed for this purpose while using your club to keep your hands dry and warm.

Playing in colder conditions is made easy with these high-performance accessories. You can find materials that keep your hands warm, while others provide an excellent grip in wet conditions. Additionally, we have a guide to the best winter golf gloves, providing more detail on the best rain gloves.

You may not have tried winter golf gloves before, but they may change your game. When the weather gets cold, they will improve your performance. Which are the best winter golf gloves? As the temperatures drop, we reviewed and tested these products so you can decide which will be most suitable.

10 Best Winter Golf Gloves





FootJoy StaSoft Winter Golf Gloves
  • Size: Small
  • Color: Pearl
  • Material: Leather, Fleece
  • Style: StaSof Winter Gloves
MacWet Men's & Ladies 1 Pair Long Climatec Golf Gloves
  • Size: 7 Unisex
  • Color: Brown
  • Material: Leather
  • Style: Golf Glove
Callaway Thermal Grip, Cold Weather Golf Gloves
  • Size: Small
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Style: Standard
Mizuno RainFit Men's Golf Gloves (Pair of Gloves)
  • Size: Small
  • Color: Black/Royal
  • Material: Suede
  • Style: Golf Glove
HJ Glove Women's Winter Performance Golf Gloves
  • Size: Large
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Leather
  • Style: All sports
FINGER TEN Men Comfortable Warm Fleece Winter Golf Gloves
  • Size: Medium
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Polyester
  • Style: Golf Glove
Orlimar Men's Winter Performance Fleece Golf Gloves
  • Size: Small
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Fleece
  • Style: Golf
Craftsman Camouflage Winter Soft Touch Screen Golf Gloves
  • Size: Medium
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Microfiber
  • Style: Golf Glove
Under Armour Men's Cold Gear Infrared Golf Gloves
  • Size: X-Large
  • Color: Black/Pitch Gray
  • Material: Microfiber
  • Style: Golf Glove
Titleist Cart Mitts, Hand Warmer, Neck Warmer, Ear Warmer Golf Gloves
  • Size: ‎Fits All Regular
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Fleece
  • Style: Golf Glove

1. FootJoy StaSoft Winter Golf Gloves

FootJoy’s golf equipment is suitable for professionals and amateurs alike. FootJoy’s gloves and shoes are trendy. These leather golf gloves are called WinterSof. FootJoy uses its knit palm on the RainGrip rain gloves to provide exceptional grip in wet conditions. Compared to other gloves, it provides a better grip in wet conditions. Warm and dry hands are guaranteed with this glove’s back made of waterproof nylon and weather shield foam fleece.

The glove provides additional insulation and retains warmth thanks to its knit cuff. FootJoy’s golf gloves for the winter are a great option if you want the best golf gloves. These golf gloves have always led to product innovation. RainGrip rain gloves feature an auto suede knit palm, which is highly grippy in wet conditions and becomes more grip able as it becomes soaked.

Due to their waterproof construction and weather shield fleece on the back, these gloves keep your hands dry and warm during bad weather. The extended knit cuff is more comfortable and friendly and keeps the wind and cold.

Additionally, the gloves are usable both on and off the course. They are ideal for running, cycling, and other winter outdoor activities with their grip, thermal properties, and high-visibility piping on the back. See the entire range of FootJoy golf glove designs available in our FootJoy golf glove guide.

Key Specification

Tailored construction and precise placement of moisture-wicking elastics improve firm consistency and comfort.

  • They were designed for cool-weather play.
  • Comfortable, durable, and all-weather grip.
  • Cabretta leather palm with advanced performance.
  • Warmth is provided by the performance fleece back.
  • Gloves are available in both right- and left-handed styles.
  • Staying warm and able to adapt
  • The fair price
  • This sweater stands up to wind and cold
  • A weather shield cuff keeps warmth in
  • Orders include two packs of the gloves
  • The gloves are water-resistant
  • Thermodynamics
  • Only available in pearl
  • Other options are more durable in the palm

2. MacWet Men’s & Ladies 1 Pair Long Climatec Golf Gloves

Aaron Rai wore them during the 2020 Scottish Open, as the Aquatec material from MacWet provides exceptional grip in wet environments. It is certain that wearing these gloves, designed to be worn together, will enable you to hold onto the club when it begins to rain.

During cold weather, the gloves are insulated with fleece on the backs. In addition, these gloves are windproof and waterproof. Durability is another crucial feature. These gloves can be relied upon during the winter months. They dry quickly, look sleek and stylish, and you can easily wear them. Furthermore, the gloves are suitable for other outdoor activities requiring grip in wet conditions, such as fishing, horseback riding, and cycling.

Getting used to wearing two gloves while playing golf was the most challenging. Although switching to a left-handed winter glove was pretty seamless, I still had to get used to swinging with both gloves. Because of its fit and feel, it made the process easier. No matter how unrelated to golf, all golf gloves should be comfortable. These were undoubtedly comfortable.

The fabric feels premium even before putting them on – they are the best winter golf gloves. The elasticated fit and velcro closure system provide a snug, precise fit, while stretch properties enhance this characteristic and allow for more effortless movement.

Even though they are machine washable with no performance loss, eight sizes are available for men and women. When the skies open and the temperature drops, it’s critical to trust your equipment, and these winter gloves deliver in spades.

Key Specification

All Grip No Slip. That is the mission statement of these fantastic MacWet long climatec sports gloves.

  • Closure with hooks and loops.
  • Pack of one pair.
  • Elasticized cuff with Velcro fastening; glove rests just above the wrist.
  • Sports glove that is lightweight.
  • They are finished with a soft, slight shine.
  • Unique Aquatec & Climatec Materials
  • Wet traction is excellent
  • Unstoppable
  • It’s a very affordable
  • It is not attached to the ball

3. Callaway Thermal Grip, Cold Weather Golf Gloves

Callaway’s thermal grip glove exemplifies classic design and manufacturing quality.

Thin, lightweight, and comfortable, they fit neatly because of their fleece-lined interior. Wind and water are protected with a microfiber outer shell while fingers are still free to move.

As a result of the Opti Fit closure system, wind and rain are kept out while maintaining the desired warmth. Their synthetic-leather palms are digitized so they can maintain a good grip.

Keeping both hands warm is easy with Callaway Thermal Grip gloves in pairs. Additionally, the golf shoes are available in various sizes, including cadet sizes, to accommodate golfers of all sizes.

Callaway Thermal Grip gloves offer a good blend of protection and performance. Their digitized synthetic leather palms provide a good feel, but their fleece lining provides warmth.

These gloves are thin, lightweight, and incredibly comfortable thanks to the Opti Fit closure system. Microfiber outer shells protect wind and water while allowing fingers to move freely.

Callaway Thermal Grip gloves deliver impressive warmth without sacrificing comfort – an excellent middle ground between warmth and feel.

Key Specification

The Thermal Grip Gloves Are Built for Optimal Warmth in Extreme Conditions.

  • Improved grip in wet conditions with Digitized Synthetic Leather Palm.
  • Protects from wind and water with the Opti Shield Microfiber Outer Shell.
  • Thermo fleece inner lining – keeps hands warm.
  • A thin, lightweight, and secure closure that is easy to adjust.
  • There is a pair for sale
  • Feels good
  • Wind- and water-resistant
  • Cadet size is available
  • Keeping hands warm is easy with thermal fleece
  • Synthetic leather palm, digitally textured to make handling easier
  • Fits well
  • Cuffs do not provide extra protection
  • For some golfers, the glove broke after just a few uses
  • Comparatively expensive to other gloves

4. Mizuno RainFit Men’s Golf Gloves (Pair of Gloves)

Low-handicap golfers may be interested in the golf gear manufactured by Mizuno. This pair of ThermaGrip Men’s Golf Gloves is one of the best for golfers who value feel and performance. The palms of the Mizuno Thermagrip gloves have been 3D-printed to increase agility, repel water, and maintain grip even in wet conditions.

In my opinion, ThermaGrip’s best feature is its cuff.

You need to think about the water, the wind, and the cold at the same time when you are searching for the best winter golf gloves. It is also possible to ensure that a high cuff on the golf glove will do what it is supposed to and keep the heat inside.

Golfers seeking warmth and performance will find the Mizuno Thermagrip an excellent choice. Besides offering Mizuno ThermaGrip Golf Gloves, Mizuno provides golfers with enhanced grip. With the Mizuno ThermaGrip gloves, golfers can stay connected to their clubs in wet and rainy conditions because 3D printing is used on the palm. In addition to its warmth, this glove provides excellent traction due to its combination of fleece and suede.

The Breath Thermo flexible upper allows golfers to maintain clubhead speed when temperatures drop. One of the best winter golf gloves is these Mizuno Therma Grip gloves.

Key Specification

The Mizuno RainFit gloves feature Mizuno Clarino, an elite Japanese synthetic suede that provides superior grip during wet conditions.

  • Golfers will love the texture.
  • The grip is like a second skin, and the feel is excellent.
  •  If cared for properly, leather stays soft for a long time.
  • Sold in pairs
  • Flex mesh inserts
  • Velcro closure
  • Thermal cuffs
  • Warms you up
  • Wind-resistant
  • It has a thin palm

5. HJ Glove Women’s Winter Performance Golf Gloves

Winter gloves can sometimes be helpful to keep in your bag, whether you need them or not. If you’re going out on a cold day, you’ve got to carry some warm clothes in your bag. You might want to consider the HJ Glove.

The winter performance golf glove is available at a fair price and will keep your hands warm while allowing you to grip your golf club more firmly. With the HJ, thanks to its leather palm, you can use your hand in cold weather.

Having lined wrist cuffs keeps your hands warm and prevents them from escaping.

HJ Glove is thicker than the Footjoy Winters of Golf Gloves. You should choose what is best for your golf game, and there will be golfers who will like this, and there will be golfers who will not; it depends on your personal preferences.

Key Specification

Thermal fleece back, High-Performance leather palm. Excellent grip in all weather conditions. Great for driving your vehicle also.

  • Cold weather golf gloves (pair) for women
  • Warmth and softness with mobility
  • Insulating Cabretta leather palm
  • Windblock-lined wrist cuffs provide protection and comfort
  • Worth it
  • It warms the hands and wrists
  • The best value for money
  • The best value for money

6. Finger Ten Men Comfortable Warm Fleece Winter Golf Gloves

Finger Ten winter golf mittens do not need to be worn during the swing sequence; instead, keep your hands warm in between shots while playing golf. Swinging with Finger Ten mittens is not required. Once you’ve finished, you can roll it up onto your wrists and roll them back down again. Because the mitts fit over your gloves, you do not have to remove either your gloves or your mitts.

The outer shell is 100% waterproof and windproof so that you can wear it in all weather conditions. The inner fleece is double-layered with the external thread.

These earmuffs will keep your hands warm when the weather turns cold, but they will also cover a good part of your wrists and lower arms.

The front of these gloves is printed with “Finger Ten.”. If unsatisfied with these gloves, you can return them within 30 days.

Key Specification

Double-layer high-quality fleece, unbelievably soft and comfortable. Ideal for any outdoor activity can be worn while playing your shot with your summer gloves.

  • Perfect for cold and windy days
  • Keeping warmth in with weather shield cuffs
  • Packets of two are available
  • The gloves are water-resistant due to the suede knit
  • Slide over gloves for warmth
  • Decline over gloves for warmth out the round
  • Feather-like material
  • Golf gloves that fit over the design
  • The real deal
  • Wetness can make them uncomfortable

7. Orlimar Men’s Winter Performance Fleece Golf Gloves

It is a company that has gone unnoticed while offering great specialized winter golf gloves to golfers. The Fleece Winter Gloves are made of synthetic textured patterns on the palm and finger sections that allow you to feel the ball as you impact it and receive immediate feedback.

A hat that combines the exterior layer with its signature fleece material provides warmth, a good grip, and a good handle. Even though the pattern helps keep the wind off your hands, the fleece is extended over your wrists for an extra layer of warmth, while the elastic cuff keeps the heat within the glove.

As a result of our commitment to maintaining a firm grip, we offer our Olimar Performance gloves in a pair.

In addition to providing warmth and comfort all year round, they are competitively priced. However, during the cold months of the year, they are of the most excellent value to homeowners.

Key Specification

Orlimar’s Winter Performance Gloves are made from 100% water-resistant Polar Fleece material. They feature a synthetic textured palm with an elastic wristband to deliver a firm grip regardless of weather conditions.

  • Polar Fleece is 100% water resistant.
  • Wristband with synthetic texture and elastic band.
  • Holds firmly in place.
  • Rain or snow, it’s a great choice.
  • The glove’s lining keeps you warm.
  • Flexible and durable
  • Warm hands and wrists with polar fleece
  • Features of wind blockers
  • Performs poorly in wet conditions
  • Cadets aren’t available

8. Craftsman Camouflage Winter Soft Touch Screen Golf Gloves

A wide range of high-quality equipment and accessories are available from Craftsman Golf for professional and amateur golfers.

The soft winter gloves come as a set of two, offering exciting designs to keep your hands warm while allowing you to grip the club comfortably simultaneously.

We found that the shoes held up well under wet conditions, and the suede fabric reacted better to water than the leather.

The tailored elastic cuff effectively keeps out the wind and water for maximum heat retention and prevents sweat from entering. Many people utilize digital devices to guide themselves around the course, display distances, and keep score.

These gloves have an added feature that makes them suitable for touch screens and the index finger. In addition to touching these screens without removing your glove, you can also operate these devices.

Key Specification

The Winter Soft gloves come as a set of two, offering exciting designs to keep your hands warm while allowing you to grip the club comfortably simultaneously.

  • Warmth can be achieved by sliding gloves on top.
  • Keep it on your wrists throughout the round by rolling it up
  • The fleece is made of
  • Golf gloves can be worn over this product
  • Compatible with touchscreens
  • The wet weather grip is excellent
  • Cool designs
  • The ball marker is missing

9. Under Armour Men’s Cold Gear Infrared Golf Gloves

Infrared lining and a dual-layer fabric on the top of these Under Armour ColdGear gloves ensure that your hands are kept warm in all but the coldest conditions. The ColdGear technology helps maintain your body’s heat levels by absorbing and retaining body heat.

The gloves are sold in pairs with their soft leather palm and sleek finish. While it may not provide the best grip in wetter weather, it is generally durable and robust. In colder, drier environments, this is an excellent option for keeping warm without compromising the feel of the skin.

Key Specification

Water-resistant 3-layer bonded exterior fabric for lightweight durability ColdGear Infrared technology uses a soft, thermo-conductive coating to absorb & retain your body heat.

  • Lightweight, water-resistant 3-layer bonded fabric.
  • A thermo-conductive coating absorbs and retains your body heat with ColdGear Infrared.
  • Added stretch & mobility with fleece finger gussets.
  • A ribbed cuff adds warmth and coverage.
  • Great insulation for warmth
  • Soft leather palms feel great
  • With no extended cuff, the wrist is exposed

10. Titleist Cart Mitts, Hand Warmer, Neck Warmer, Ear Warmer Golf Gloves

Cart golf in the winter will result in you having freezing hands since the weather is so cold. Your hands on your golf cart will be freezing as you drive from one hole to another, so you should have golf cart winter gloves with you.

Keeping warm on the golf course is easy with these Titleist Golf Warmer gloves.

With these winter golf gloves on your hands, you won’t be able to swing a club, but they will keep your hands warm and dry as you navigate from hole to hole.

A golfer who frequently plays in poor weather conditions would benefit from having this pair of gloves in their golf bag.

Key Specification

With these winter golf gloves on your hands, you won’t be able to swing a club, but they will keep your hands warm and dry as you navigate from hole to hole.

  • They feature a cinch opening and microfleece lining.
  • Designed to perform in all weather conditions, this shell is water resistant.
  • There is an internal compartment for hand warmers.
  • A proprietary design has been integrated.
  • Warm temperatures
  • Thermo fleece inside
  • Golf cart gloves are great for winter
  • An outer shell that resists water
  • With these on, you can’t swing

Best Winter Golf Gloves | Buying Guide

What to Consider for Buying a Winter Golf Gloves

For those who like to test their golfing skills at the course during these cold winter months, there are several factors that you should take into consideration when shopping for a golf glove. Here are some to consider:

Wet-weather Protection

When it comes to protection against wet weather, especially if you live in a region with wet winters, the priority is protection from wet conditions. When your hands are wet, there’s nothing worse than worrying about whether they’ll slip on your golf grips, so many brands make grips that provide more grip when wet. Additionally, quick-dry grips can be extremely helpful. In this section, we recommend that you know the differences between models that are just water-resistant and those that are waterproof.

Cold Weather Protection

In addition, the winter months in the northern hemisphere can be frigid, so wearing winter gloves can help keep you warm. These gloves can be lined with thermal or fleece material. Such a lining will prove helpful for those who catch a cold.


Durability is another important consideration. For long-term effectiveness, a pair must withstand the most challenging conditions.


Winter golf gloves are usually black. Some brands make them in classic white or different color variations, such as the Zoom Golf Glove.


As you can imagine, there are a lot of models to choose from at different price points, so you should consider what amount you are willing to spend.

Glove Materials


Cabretta leather is the most frequently used material molded with precision seams for high-quality golf gloves. A premium pair of winter gloves are made from 100% Cabretta leather for the ultimate luxury feel.

Synthetic Gloves

On hot summer days when your grip might slip, synthetic gloves are made to be flexible and breathe well. They are made from leather satin to spandex and work well together.

Winter months are not conducive to the breathability of synthetic materials. They are, however, easier to maintain.

All Weather Gloves

There are many golf gloves aimed at those golfers who will encounter many different weather conditions, such as hot, humid days, rainy days, and wintery conditions on the course. As the solid construction keeps out the wind, it will also keep your hands warm.

Using these gloves during play is more convenient since they are smaller than thermal gloves.

These gloves are often bought to keep the hands dry and warm in various situations.

Thermal Golf Gloves

Thermal gloves are bulkier than the other heated golf gloves discussed above. The gloves have a cotton lining and synthetic fabric for maximum hand warmth, but some playability is sacrificed.

Golf Mitts

Golf mitts are not designed to be used while swinging. However, they offer protection for your hands, gloved or not, as you move from shot to shot.

To execute a better shot, you need to get the feeling back into your hands because of the warmth.

Key Features to Look for Apart From Warmth


You’re challenged more than under normal conditions in cold weather, and you can lose points. Your golf gloves must stay warm while offering you a good grip.

Due to the wintry weather, your hands will feel more feedback, and thinned shots will sting your fingers more. You can achieve reasonable control with a solid grip with the right glove.

Swinging A Club

In most cases, winter gloves have an additional layer, are thicker, and provide distinct features. Try swinging a club with this glove, which is different from the one you usually use, to determine whether you can turn the club without losing control of the course.


The size of your winter gloves may differ from a standard glove due to the layers they incorporate to protect you from freezing temperatures. To ensure that the device works properly, you should try it on and ensure that no loose parts are hanging off that could affect the control of the device.


Who Makes The Best Cold Weather Golf Gloves?

FootJoy is usually credited with making the best golf gloves. Golf shoes and golf gloves are at the heart of FootJoy’s business. These products provide players with the best way to stay dry and warm in any weather condition.

Among our favorite things about Footjoy’s winter performance, golf gloves are that they provide excellent grip in wet weather. It is a common misconception that the golf course will be dry just because it is cold.

Weather conditions that are wet and cold are often linked. It is crucial to have a water-resistant golf glove that keeps your grip even when it starts to rain (or snow).

How well do winter golf gloves protect against wind and rain?

Winter golf gloves should improve your grip in wet conditions and stop the wind from blowing through them. Winter gloves that contain wind keep hands warm because they prevent the bitter wind from getting near the fingers.

The material used in the making of the glove and the design of the palm should be considered. The two factors will be important when it starts to rain. The leather palm of a winter glove will make it last a bit longer.

What Is The Difference Between Winter Golf Gloves And Traditional Golf Gloves?

Many winter golf gloves do not have traditional velcro closures. The velcro closure is a mechanism that releases heat. You want to retain as much heat as you can in winter performance golf gloves.

The best winter golf gloves go up above the wrist. Getting used to the knit cuff will take some time, but you should not have problems swinging the golf club.

You need to remember that winter golf gloves are not necessarily required to stay on during the entire game. You can use these gloves for a short period and then return to your regular golf gloves when needed.

In the rain, will winter golf gloves work?

You can choose from several options. However, it is essential to remember that some winter golf gloves have elastic around the wrist that is not waterproof. Look to see if the watches you are interested in are the part instead.


Casual golfers and die-hard golf enthusiasts are urged to play when the weather is less favorable. You’ll need a great pair of winter gloves when you are like us and can’t help but take your clubs to the course regardless of the weather.

It is easier to enjoy golf if you have suitable gloves to keep your hands warm during these cold rounds. You can enjoy your round of golf and hopefully shoot a good score if you wear winter gloves, mittens, and some hand warmers. Please check our glove reviews to learn about the best gloves for all seasons.

To keep your hands warm and dry during your round of cold-weather golf, you’ll need the best winter golf gloves. If you have the correct winter gear, playing golf in the winter is possible.

These FootJoy Winters of Golf Gloves are the ideal choice for golfers who want a glove that feels great, keeps their hands warm, and keeps them dry.

They’re affordable, easy to get, fit well, and will block the wind. Footjoy winter golf gloves are an excellent addition to the bag.

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