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A pair of oven mitts is an essential piece of cooking equipment. You can’t use your stovetop, grill, or oven without them, even if you don’t think of them as the first tools you’d reach for while cooking. Fabrics and cotton are commonly used in oven mitts. They are gentle and softer than nylon and silicone – Two materials widely used in protective and durable oven mitts.

A cast-iron oven mitt can quickly become dirty. Most people use them in the kitchen. Oven mitts are everyday kitchen items. They can easily get stained by grease and baked goods. Daily use of scorching equipment and handling of stains can make them very difficult to remove. Using oven mitts to wash these can be a challenge.

Here is an easy guide to cleaning oven mitts and removing stains. Following the directions in this guide will also save you money by eliminating the need to purchase another pair of oven mitts. It can therefore be somewhat confusing to clean your oven mitts. Is it possible to throw them right into the washing machine, or do they need to be washed by hand? Is it possible to remove a casserole dish from the oven without staining the silicone oven mitt fabric?

Various substances can damage an oven mitt, including grease, smoke, oil, and flour. Most are durable enough to handle a washing machine, even though most are durable enough to hold a washing machine. The type of oven gloves you own has a great deal on the best way to wash them. In any case, follow these simple steps if you can’t follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Washing Oven Mitts

To begin, carefully read the care instructions on the oven mitts. If your set of oven mitts says “hand wash only” or “remove trim decorations,” don’t neglect to follow these directions. If you cannot find the label, look at the cuff or opening of the mitt. The brand will probably be on the inside.

There may be an imprint of the title directly on the glove, but it may be absent entirely. Feel free to search online for the care instructions if you can’t find them on your oven mitts. Textile manufacturers are not required to label their products like clothing manufacturers are, so if you have trouble finding the instructions, try searching online. If you have oven mitts, you can find the manual online.

Then, prepare a large bucket filled with warm water. Pour half a cup of mild laundry detergent into a bucket of warm water and a small amount of detergent. In the case of concentrated dish soap or laundry detergent, you might need to use less. Wring out a clean washcloth after immersing it in the water solution and laundry detergent leaving only a tiny amount of soap and moisture on the fabric.

When you heat your oven mitt, don’t use a colored washcloth since this can discolor it (especially if it’s the first time you’ve used it). Dab the oven mitt with a washcloth and let it dry. To ensure that it will not stain or discolor the fabric, you might want to try it on an inconspicuous part of the mitt first.

Wait for half an hour after the wet spots have dried to ensure no discoloration. You can then wash the mitt by machine or hand once you have all your questions answered.

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You will want to skip these next steps if it does not – that is, if the mitt does not have any fading. As a backup, you can use a detergent solution to wash the dirty oven mitt. The oven mitts should be wrung out after they have soaked in the solution for 30 minutes. Rinse the glove in your sink with lukewarm or cold water.

Make sure all suds and detergent are removed from the cloth before rinsing. There should be no soap left on the mitt after cleaning. This can cause the oven mitts to become stiff, making them uncomfortable to wear and slippery, causing you to drop hot pans when you use the gloves. You can hang up the mitt to dry if it appears clean now. The glove must not be used for 24 hours.

How to Wash Oven Gloves (Mitts) in a Washing Machine

You will want to wash additional clothing in the washing machine and use the amount of laundry detergent recommended by the manufacturer per the washing cycle. The first time you wash your clothes, use cold water and a gentle cycle, rather than warm water and additional heat, as directed by the manufacturer. Tumble drying your gloves may be possible after they have been cleaned, but be sure to read the instructions from the manufacturer first. If you are dealing with extra grease stains, remove them with a stain remover if necessary. Generally, it would be best not to use fabric softener during this cycle.

Cleaning gloves with baking soda or other home remedies are sometimes done. Baking soda is an excellent way to remove grease from your oven mitts. With baking soda, you can remove stains even when you don’t wash or use dishwashing soap. Nevertheless, you should conduct a spot test to ensure the baking soda does not cause other stains when applied to heat or water.

If you are washing handmade oven mitts, you will take extra precautions. However, these instructions should apply to most kinds of oven mitts. Make sure they can withstand the pressure by taking your time and working slowly.

Follow These Steps to Remove Stains:

  • Put the dissolving grease soap into a large bowl and mix it with hot water.
  • For several minutes, soak the oven mitts in soap and water.
  • You can remove the stain using the scrub brush after the soap has dissolved the grease.
  • Spray WD-40 on stained oven mitts if they do not come off. This method will remove the old stains.
  • Follow steps 1 to 3 again to determine whether there are still stains.
  • Baking soda mixed with dishwasher soap can remove stains from oven mitts.
  • After applying the paste, use a scrub brush to scrub the stain.
  • Scrubbing can be cleaned with warm water afterward.
  • You can also try using Coca-Cola and hot water if there are still stains. They can be washed in hot water with Coca-Cola. This will loosen the grease further.
  • When oven mitts are being dried while stained, the heat will make the stain cling.
  • If the oven mitts still show stains, repeat the above steps.
  • After you have removed all the stains, you can usually wash them.

Please find out how to effectively clean oven mitts and how they protect you from high temperatures in the following tips. Taking care of your oven mitts can be challenging. We hope you enjoyed reading the article.

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